Hello to you all.
I am Jade if any of you would like to now and I have recently finished a bachelor of communication. I should have passed this. I await the news in fear.
I should a Journo degree but I failed Shorthand so am sadly without. I may be able to do it next year.
Oh and I am 21. It seems kinda old, its a scary age really. Am I an adult now? If so ew!
I am currently looking for a job but accept rejection letters. At least they took the time to send them haha.
Anywho enough blathering on. Ooh blathering is a nice word, *blather, blather, blather.*
Sorry my old intro was way shorter than this so I shall conclude.
As the title says I have no clue what this blog is actually about. It has no direction. It ranges from dark morbid pretty things to cute things. There is also a lot of sexy men on these pages.
Hope you enjoy

Books -mostly horror
Music -mostly rock,metal,indie alternative,not a fan of pop and rnb .Fav artists are Marilyn Manson ,Tool,david bowie,alice cooper,tool,a perfect circle,she wants revenge..I listen to a lot of stuff just can't think of the artists right now
Writing -particularly poetry
Watching movies -anything horror or with johnny depp.Love the movies Labyrinth,rocky horror 10 things I hate about you,repo the genetic opera,charlie and the chocolate factory,The Room,Tommy Wiseau is my husband and yes I do no he is an alien but I don't care.He is the best worst actor ever.
Willem Dafoe is also incredibly sexy. I don't think many people think that but I do. I guess he's just got that creepy but lovely vibe that I like. Who knows.
Acting like a insane person =D

Fav Tv shows
The Mentalist
Criminal minds
Big Bang theory
Crossing Jordan
Father Ted
Black Books
The IT Crowd
The Mighty Boosh

Not that many shows really ,tv is getting pretty dire


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